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I have Beseler SC enlarger with a 50mm lens. I have a few questions about what it can do.?


My questions are:

I know I can print medium format up to 6×7. I have a 6×4.5 negative, and yet it has a white vignette. Is this because I have a 50mm lens? What size lens do I need?


Is there some sort of way to turn it around to project on the wall or floor? I know alot of enlargers can do this, but i am unsure if this particular one can. I would like to print larger than 11×14

Thanks for your help!

Each negative type needs a special carrier. You will need a 75 mm enlarging lens for the medium format film. The 50 mm is used for 35 mm film only.

I know that the C23 C II can be reversed but you will have to make sure that the head is realigned so all is parallel. What I have seen most is the enlarger is mounted to a counter with an adjustable focusing board that can be removed so you can print to paper you have on the floor. You will have to make sure that the area on the floor is wide enough to handle the “cone” of light from the enlarger at that distance.

The 4×5 Beseler can be rotated 90 degrees to shoot horizontally, but you need a vacuum easel to hold the paper.

My Omega 4×5 enlarger can be swiveled 180 degrees on its base to shoot enlarger to floor projections

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